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I wanted a web site that was fresh, modern, and different but friendly. Seamless were able to turn my ideas into reality with all the flair and detail that is required to make your web site stand out in a crowd. A web design agency is only as good as their programmers and the team at Seamless are first class.

Lawrence Knott, Marketing Manager, ML Integration.


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We were recognised in 3 categories at the Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards 2005. Best Web Design Company 2005, Best B2B Website 2005 and Best West Yorkshire Internet Company 2005.

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Having taken the decision at our company year-end to grow the company we realised that our homegrown efforts for a logo and business stationery would be insufficient for our needs. Not only did we need a logo but also a corporate ID to brand our products and a web site.

A search on the Internet provided a plethora of design and marketing companies! We looked at each company's web site in turn to get a feel for their style and talent. Fortunately we didn't have to look at many; Seamless immediately stood out from the rest because of the standard of their web site: the graphics were sharp, fluid and most of all relatively quick to load. We spent some time navigating through their site assessing the services they provide and to see how intuitive their web site was to use.

It was clear that Seamless could produce the image that we were looking for and could provide all of the services we needed so we contacted them with view to creating our logo and letterheads initially. We provided a brief of what we wanted to achieve and within a week we had 8 concept designs to look through. We chose a design and gave Seamless some feedback about what we liked and disliked which they took away and worked on. The finished result was outstanding and we were very pleased. So pleased in fact that we asked them to begin work on a brochure and web site for us.

We have been using the business stationery and brochures for a couple of months and the feedback that we have received from clients, colleagues and friends has reassured us that it has been money well spent. What we expected to be quite a tortuous process turned out to be relatively simple due to the professional staff at Seamless.

Name: Tiarna Mayall

Position: Managing Director

Company: Maslow

Maslow Logo