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Plan your web site's development budget and receive an estimate for the cost of its design and production.

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We've just completed updating Print-leeds' website to incorporate a new digital print service. Building on their exceptional ability to provide UV Litho print onto plastic with digital printing techniques.

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We were recognised in 3 categories at the Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards 2005. Best Web Design Company 2005, Best B2B Website 2005 and Best West Yorkshire Internet Company 2005.

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1. How do I plan my web site?

Think about the message you would like to promote and the audience you would like to reach. Also collect together any images and text which would be useful to the project. We will be happy to help you every step of the way. Why not take a look at our How We Work page to see how we approach and develop a project.

2. Why should I sell from the web?

The internet enjoys a worldwide audience which makes it an ideal sales platform. Your e-commerce web site can be as flexible as you need. You can accept credit card transactions, which can be authorised on-line, your site can even be integrated into your product database keeping stock levels up-to-date. Please visit our Web Site Applications page to find out more about our web site development services.

3. What is Flash?

Flash is the industry standard animation tool for web sites. Made by Macromedia, it allows for the production of low bandwidth (quick to download) animation files for use on the internet. You need the Flash/Shockwave plug-in to view animations. This can be downloaded here from the Macromedia web site.

4. How can my web site utilise a database?

A database is a collection of data organised by tables. Your webpages can extract data from the database. This kind of webpage is described as a dynamic page. You can use databases to add all sorts of functionality to your web site e.g. a searchable jobs database, an e-commerce catalogue or a news archive. Please visit our Web Site Applications page to find out more about our web site development services.

5. What happens when my site is finished?

Once your web site is complete and up to date it is very important you don't forget about it and leave it to stagnate. You have spent a lot of time creating a content rich base from which your customers can interact with your company and if they see your web site remain unchanged month after month they will perceive your company to also be standing still. A constantly evolving and dynamic site not only holds the interest of your customers but it keeps them coming back. Please visit our Web Site Maintenance page to find out more about our web site maintenance services.

6. How often should I update my web site?

We recommend that content is changed at least every month, this includes photographs, graphics as well as text and it is advisable to give the web site an overhaul every quarter, this includes structural changes - additional pages etc.

7. How can I top the search engines?

Getting your web site listed on the Search Engines can be a two pronged attack -

Method 1 - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where your listing is shown as a natural search result

Method 2 - Search Engine Advertising (also know as PPC advertising) where you pay for your listing to appear in a certain position on a search engine results page (or SERP).

Most campaigns will start with method one and plug any gaps with method 2.

This is because some engines (e.g. Overture, Ask Jeeves) will display PPC listings before the natural search results and it is impossible to reach the top spot for very competitive key phrases which have been purchased by SEO alone. Other Search Engines (e.g. Google) will separate their PPC results from their natural search results.

It is preferable to achieve good natural search results for your web site before you consider purchasing keywords. Then by combining SEO and PPC methods you can cover all important phrases. Please visit our Search Engine Optimisation page to find out more about our Search Engine Optimisation services.

8. How can I increase traffic to my web site?

In addition to search engine submission you can promote your web site via banner advertising and affiliate networks.

A banner ad provides a link from the site who is displaying your ad to your web site. A banner ad has the added benefit of being able to be animated and change its appearance. This is eye catching and engages the attention of the site visitor so even if the visitor does not click your banner they will see it and note its content, enforcing your brand/product/service. It is possible to target your adverts to only appear on web sites which your target audience will be viewing.

Affiliate Marketing is a process whereby one web site (the affiliate or publisher) promotes another web site's products or services (the merchant or advertiser) in exchange for a commission when a sale is realised through the affiliate's link. Through Affiliate Marketing, you can place your advertising banners and links on affiliate web sites and only pay a commission when those links generate a sale or qualified lead.

Please visit our Marketing Services page to find out more.

9. Who visits my site and what can I gain from this information?

By monitoring the customers who are visiting your site we can understand your target audience better and fine-tune your service so that you are constantly delivering a better service or product than your competitors. Behavioural and demographic information about your site's visitors can also make it more attractive to advertisers as they're able to target their adverts at your audience and therefore holds the key to get an advertising revenue from your web site.

Please visit our Marketing Services page to find out more.

10. Why is my Corporate ID so important?

Your corporate ID or branding is an image which is designed to reflect and strengthen the philosophy of your company. Your corporate ID should touch every aspect of your company from your stationery to your advertising.

Please visit our Graphic Design Services page to find out more.

11. How can I increase my brand awareness?

Advertising a product increases brand awareness and brand loyalty. This is important because the higher your brand awareness the more people are likely to try your products, which also speeds up your brand loyalty. If your product is of a consistently high standard then your customers are likely to remain loyal. There are an infinite number of possibilities that can make up your marketing mix for your product. These include the internet, television, billboards and magazines.

Please visit our Marketing Services page to find out how we can help increase your brand awareness.