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Plan your web site's development budget and receive an estimate for the cost of its design and production.

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We've just completed updating Print-leeds' website to incorporate a new digital print service. Building on their exceptional ability to provide UV Litho print onto plastic with digital printing techniques.

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We were recognised in 3 categories at the Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards 2005. Best Web Design Company 2005, Best B2B Website 2005 and Best West Yorkshire Internet Company 2005.

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Establish a clear point of contact to ensure the smooth flow of information
  1. Set a budget
  2. Set a timescale or deadline
Research the project and assess what the message is
  1. What is the mission or purpose of the piece of work?
  2. What are the short and long term goals?
  3. Who are the intended audience?
  4. What sort of response do you require from your audience?
Agree a concept
  1. Agree on a suitable method of presentation for the job, e.g. web site, CD-ROM, Print
  2. Agree Content
  3. Design style-setters and storyboard
Only then does work begin!
  1. You can view your work in progress at any stage of production. Depending upon the format of your job we will send out samples by post and e-mail. We also have a client web server where we can upload visuals, animations as well as web sites for you to look at over the internet.
  2. Our concepts are thoroughly tested throughout production
After Sales Care
  1. The completion of your work doesn't mean the end of the job for Seamless. We can monitor the success of your advertising campaign, promote and maintain your web site and suggest the best way for you to develop your marketing strategies.
  2. You can contact us 24 hours a day through our web site or ring us on 01274 659000