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Web Site Accessibility


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We've just completed updating Print-leeds' website to incorporate a new digital print service. Building on their exceptional ability to provide UV Litho print onto plastic with digital printing techniques.

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We were recognised in 3 categories at the Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards 2005. Best Web Design Company 2005, Best B2B Website 2005 and Best West Yorkshire Internet Company 2005.

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Web site accessibility guidelines are designed to make web content available to everybody.

Recent figures state that, in the UK alone, there are 8.6 million people who are registered as disabled (Source Disabled Rights Commission). The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995, which came into full effect in October 2004, obligates service providers to take all reasonable steps to ensure that people with disabilities are not excluded or discriminated against, when accessing information and services.

By following the web site accessibility guidelines, we can make sure your web site is available to visitors who:

  • are partially sighted or blind
  • have cognitive difficulties
  • have physical disabilities
  • use mobile phones, PDAs, etc.
  • do not have the latest computer desktop technology
  • use slower Internet connections

By following the guidelines there are several forms of web site accessibility accreditations, you can add to your web site, including The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) priority levels and Bobby, which are free services, and the RNIB's Web Accessibility Accreditation, which is a paid-for advisory service.